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VLADIMIR ZHURAVSKYI Private Entrepreneur

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We’re creating exciting games! Our desire is to develop cool projects and make them reach the top of the App Store, Google Play and other platforms!

Our success comes from the effort of the unique team consisting of high-class specialists!
The team of professionals that solve unique tasks and set trends for our direction on a daily basis.


Our team consists of professionals, whose interests and opinions we appreciate and respect. We’re flexible in our working processes: we don’t count working hours and are focused on the result. We’re happy to see enthusiasts in our team who live for games and are ready to improve their skills until reaching the “cap” and higher!


Recreation is an essential part of any production process. And we, as an IT-company, understand this better than anyone else! At any moment our employees can relax at the loft-zone with tea, coffee and cookies. Get their thoughts together while playing a console or start a full tournament in order to build the team spirit or resolve a dispute.


An opportunity to get new knowledge and skills is an important part of the development process! We are doing everything possible to help our specialists keep up with the trends. We provide them with a participance in exhibitions, seminars, foreign language learning courses. We’re always open for something new!


We aim to maintain and develop not only professional skills, but also physical health. For that matter we have a comfortable gym in our office which contains everything you might need. There is an equipment both for heavy training and cardio. Also, some of our employees are riding to the office on bicycles, because they care about the environment. 🙂